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Salon Suites: Is it Worth It?


First off, let’s define what a salon suite is for those that are not familiar with this fast-growing phenomenon. Salon suites are “mini” salons that beauty professionals can rent or lease to service their clients, without the costs and risks that comes with owning their own salon. Although, salon suites have become quite popular in recent years, there are pros and cons to consider when deciding if this is the best fit for your personal situation. Below we have listed a few of the benefits as well as a few drawbacks when it comes to contemplating if the suite life is for you!


Okay, so I don’t know about you, but this is the greatest advantage for me, when I consider leasing a salon suite. Who does not want to be their own boss?! That is what advantage you have as a beauty professional in your own salon suite. You have the freedom to schedule your own hours, set your own service price list, choose your own products, decorate your space to your liking, and pretty much run things how you want!


Being that salon suites have their own private space, this gives the beauty professional the opportunity to control the client’s experience. This also allows for one-on-one attention without distractions that is hard to come by in a conventional salon. The suite owner can easily create whatever environment or ambiance that works best for them and the client. Most beauty professionals value the peace and calmness that comes with having their own private space.


One thing many beauty professionals can agree on is that the earning possibilities in the beauty industry are endless. Unlike commission-based salons, professionals in salon suites are most times only responsible for paying monthly rent to the salon suites owner(s). So in other words, what you earn is what you keep at the end of the day. Also, with the freedom to set your own hours, the opportunities to provide services to clients are limitless.


Although, we could continue with pros to leasing a salon suite, we will end it with the fact that it is the next best thing to being a salon owner without the costs and risks. Leasing a salon suite is the best option to those professionals that want to find a happy medium between renting a booth and owning a salon. Who knows, leasing a salon suite could be the stepping-stone to someday owning your own salon.


While I find the cons to leasing a salon suite minimal, there are definitely things to consider before making that step.


While being your own boss seems great, there can be many challenges that come with it. One being, that being a boss can be a lot of responsibility. As a boss, you are responsible for doing things yourself that otherwise, in a conventional salon, would be taken care of for you. For example, taxes and insurance would be two tasks that are essential to your business. If you are not already savvy to these tasks, then this could be one of those tricky hindrances that could cause a hiccup to a successful business. However, there are an abundance of resources to help with these matters. I do not believe that this is enough to defer your dreams if this is something truly desired.



As a salon suite lessee, you are responsible for your own marketing and getting your own clients. Fortunately, social media has taken that burden for a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners. Even with the assistance of social media, this takes extra time to devote rather than relying on a salon to market for you or frequent walk-ins.


So Is the Salon Suite a Good Idea?

Now that we have listed a few pros and cons to leasing a salon suite, it really boils down to if you would rather be an employee for a salon or your own boss with more autonomy. These pros and cons are subjective and ultimately differ for one person to the next. In other words, you have to do what is best for you!


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