Salon Suite Decor Inspiration

If you’ve recently set up your own salon suite, you may be feeling inspired and excited to create an environment that reflects your style and personality. It can be overwhelming to figure out how to make the space feel like your own, so here are some tips on how to turn your salon suite into an inspiring place.

Choose the Right Colors

The right color scheme can have a huge impact on how inviting and calming a space feels. Soft pastels or earthy tones tend to create a relaxed atmosphere while bright colors can add energy and fun. When choosing wall colors, consider what mood you want to evoke in your clients. You may also want to look at other elements in the space such as furniture and decor and select wall colors that will accentuate them nicely.

Create Visual Interest with Decor

Your salon suite should represent who you are as well as give off good vibes for both you and your clients. Consider adding pieces that make the room look more interesting such as paintings, photographs, plants, sculptures, or decorative accents that fit with the overall theme of your space. These pieces don’t have to be expensive – thrift stores are great places to find unique items for cheap! 

Incorporate Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in setting a certain mood in a room. Natural light is always ideal but if this isn’t possible then you may want to invest in some statement lighting fixtures that draw attention when people walk into the room. Different types of light fixtures can also help create different atmospheres; for example, warm lighting is generally better suited for relaxing environments while cool lighting is better for creating energy in a space. 

Creating an inspiring salon suite doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated; it just takes creativity and thoughtfulness when selecting colors, decor, and lighting fixtures. By paying attention to these details, you can create a beautiful space where both you and your clients will feel relaxed and inspired! With these simple tips in mind, you can easily design a salon suite that reflects your unique style and personality!

Some of the suite decor was provided by www.minerva.com 


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