Best Hair Oil

Best Hair Oil For many beauty lovers, “hair oil” may hint at greasy tresses. Fortunately, contrary to popular belief, oiling your hair has been shown to benefit your locks in a multitude of ways, from encouraging healthier growth and scalp care to adding additional essential protection from heat damage and breakage. Shop TODAY talked to a trichologist …

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Atlanta Braiders

Braiding Styles Box braids have been around for thousands of years and are said to have been invented by women of the Nile Valley. Surviving through history, box braids expanded into so many styles that it’s difficult to keep track of them. And now, with celebrities donning box braids all the time, they’ve made a huge comeback …

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Skincare Hacks

3 TikTok Skincare Hacks That Actually Work TikTok is a social media app targeted at younger generations, but people of all ages can enjoy the platform. Like other social channels, TikTok has a variety of communities that post regular content. One of those communities involves TikTok skincare hacks and beauty tips. Social media is a …

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New Nail Atist

Meet the Nail Artists Behind Your Favorite Celebrity Manicures There’s always creativity brewing in the nail art industry whether we’re seeing innovative trends, new ways to do our manicures at home, or admiring the sculptural works of art created on those tiny canvases. That inventiveness would be nowhere without the contribution of nail artists from all over the world …

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Eating Healthy

The Truth About Healthy Eating It’s really easy to tell people the following advice:  “To lose weight, just eat more REAL food.” “Just eat less fast food and junk food.” “Try to eat more organic vegetables watered by unicorn tears, farm-to-table meals served by centaurs, and kale omletes made with eggs from chickens that you …

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Purpose & Passion

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